Cataracts develop gradually over a period of years. As time goes by, cataracts may impair your vision more and more, reaching the stage where it requires surgery to restore your sight. An eye exam from our ophthalmologist at Fishman & Sheridan Eye Care Specialists can determine if cataract surgery is a viable option for you. For your convenience, our clinic offers quality eye care services to residents in Leesburg, FL, Eustis, FL, Clermont, FL, and the surrounding communities.

Who’s a Candidate for Cataract Surgery?

Not everyone that has cataracts requires immediate cataract surgery. It may take years for cataracts to develop to the stage where they severely impair your sight and need to be removed. In the beginning stages, cataracts may cause minor visual impairment that can be corrected by wearing prescription eyeglasses or using brighter lighting in your home to improve your sight.

As cataract symptoms increase to the point where they’re disrupting your lifestyle, it’s time to talk to our ophthalmologist about cataract surgery. Our eye doctor will conduct a comprehensive eye exam to see how the cataracts are impacting your vision and recommend the best time for surgery treatment.

What to Expect from Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery entails removing the clouded lens of your eye and replacing it with a clear artificial lens to restore your sight. This artificial lens will then remain as a permanent part of your eye. At Fishman & Sheridan Eye Care Specialists, cataract surgery is performed by a qualified ophthalmologist on an outpatient basis at our clinic.

Our eye doctor will start by numbing your eyes so you feel no pain or discomfort during treatment. We’ll then remove the clouded lens and replace it with a clear one. The entire process may take 20-30 minutes to complete. We’ll have you remain an extra 30 minutes at our clinic to ensure there are no complications from the procedure.

You’ll be given an eye patch to wear for the next day or so to protect your eye against injury. We’ll also prescribe eyedrops to soothe post-surgery discomfort and protect your eyes against infection during your recovery, which may take up to several weeks. If you have cataracts in both eyes, we’ll perform surgery on one eye at a time, to avoid leaving you totally without sight.

See Our Eye Doctor for Cataract Surgery

Contact Fishman & Sheridan Eye Care Specialists today to learn more about our life-changing cataract surgery treatments. You can contact our Leesburg, FL, office at (352) 360-2301, our Eustis, FL, office at (352) 360-2301, and our Clermont, FL, office at (352) 360-2301.