For people in Leesburg, FL, Eustis, FL, and Clermont, FL, with glaucoma, sunglasses are more than a simple fashion statement. An ophthalmologist from our practice at Fishman and Sheridan Eye Specialists can tell you they protect the eyes against the damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. They also decrease light sensitivity because of photophobia.

What Is Photophobia?

People with glaucoma suffer from a type of light sensitivity called photophobia. It’s diagnosed by your eye doctor and it’s a result of pressure building up in the eyes. It makes glare more noticeable and irritating during Florida’s bright day. At night, it makes the car lights disorienting. Things get worse for those taking medication that causes the pupils to constrict.

What Are the Benefits of Light Sensitivity Eyeglasses?

Light sensitivity glasses protect your eyes from UV rays. They also slow glaucoma’s progression. Other benefits of these types of glasses include:

  • Decreased light sensitivity in bright environments
  • Reduces glare from oncoming traffic in the early evening, making driving easier

What to Look for in Your New Light Sensitivity Eyeglasses

The best glasses offer a balance of practicality and style. Consider these features to help you find the glasses you need for your photophobia:

UV Protection Eyeglasses

Just because sunglasses are dark doesn’t mean they offer UV protection. Look for lenses that state they offer at least 99% protection. Some may say something like they absorbed up to 400 NM. It’s the same thing.

Light Blocking Eyeglasses

Sunglasses with this feature screen out glare and extra light.

Eyeglasses with Metallic/Mirrored Coating

Glasses with this type of coating reduce the amount of visible light that enters your eyes. It’s an important consideration for those who spend a lot of time in the sun.

Polarized Eyewear

Polarized eyeglasses reduce the amount of UV rays and glare that hit your eyes. They’re great in snowy environments, on water, or while driving.

Anti-Radiation Eyeglasses

For those who drive a lot, sunglasses with this feature are awesome. These sunglasses have a darker shade on top or bottom, depending on your preference. But the middle has a lighter shade. This cuts glare from above or below and increases visibility.

Photochromic Glasses

These glasses change color depending on the environment. They get darker in the sun and lighter in the shade.

Contact Us for More Information about Polarized Eyeglasses and Other Eyewear

Florida and sunshine go hand in hand. Eyewear that reduces photophobia for people suffering from glaucoma is essential. Contact our eye doctors at Fishman and Sheridan Eye Specialists serving Leesburg, FL, Eustis, FL, and Clermont, FL. A licensed ophthalmologist on our team will help you find the best light sensitivity eyewear for your glaucoma. Call us at (352) 360-2301 today.