Medical marijuana is legal in Florida, which leads many to wonder if it can help treat eye conditions. At Fishman and Sheridan Eye Care Specialists in All Offices, we offer medical marijuana treatment for eye conditions, including glaucoma.

Patients that are interested in receiving their medical marijuana card must contact:

Vanessa Alava
Medical Marijuana Coordinator
(352)360-2301 ext 207

Marijuana for Glaucoma Treatment 

Glaucoma is a condition that qualifies you for a medical marijuana card in Florida. Research is still ongoing, but results have been promising.

THC, the component in marijuana responsible for its mood-altering effects, reduces intraocular eye pressure by as much as 40%. Yet, this effect only lasts for a few hours. Nevertheless, it temporarily relieves glaucoma symptoms and can significantly reduce pain.

Advanced glaucoma can lead to other symptoms, including nausea and loss of appetite. Marijuana is proven to help relieve these symptoms, to improve the quality of life for advanced glaucoma patients.

Does Marijuana Treat Other Eye Conditions?

Marijuana therapy can be used alongside conventional treatments. These include prescription eyedrops and pills. For example, eye strain is an issue for many people today, mainly due to the frequent use of screens. Marijuana can help relieve eye strain.

Recent research has also discovered that marijuana may help improve night vision. This improvement may be beneficial to patients with poor night vision.

Medical Marijuana Treatment Options

When using medical marijuana, you have several options. You may choose a low-THC strain to avoid the mood-altering effects. You may choose to smoke marijuana, but plenty of other methods exist. For example, you may select edibles, tinctures, pills, or oils.

How to Begin Medical Marijuana Treatment

If you’d like to see if medical marijuana benefits your eye condition, you’ll start with a visit to our ophthalmologist. Our eye doctor will examine you to determine your qualifying medical condition.

If you do, they will discuss medical marijuana treatment with you. Next, they will provide a medical marijuana card. Then, you’ll go to a state-approved dispensary. Speak to them about your goals and preferences, and they will help you choose the right product.

It’s important to note that you must keep your proof of purchase and your prescription to avoid potential legal issues.

Medical Marijuana Treatment with Fishman and Sheridan Eye Care Specialists

Medical marijuana is an effective treatment for glaucoma and may benefit other eye conditions. If you are interested in medical marijuana treatment in All Offices, contact Fishman and Sheridan Eye Care Specialists. Contact us today at (352) 360-2301.