Unlock the healing potential of medical marijuana! Since January 3, 2017, Florida residents have had the opportunity to harness the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana for the treatment of certain qualifying conditions. Our board-certified physician, Dr. Fishman, stands ready to evaluate your eligibility and explore how a medical marijuana card could enhance your well-being. Once you receive Dr. Fishman’s recommendation, our dedicated staff will guide you through the essential steps, ensuring a smooth process to obtain your medical marijuana card in Florida!

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Marijuana for Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a condition that qualifies you for a medical marijuana card in Florida. Marijuana could help treat glaucoma by reducing intraocular pressure (IOP), which is crucial for managing the condition. The main active ingredient in marijuana, THC, has been shown to lower IOP by up to 40%, providing temporary relief from the elevated pressure that can harm the optic nerve. This is important because high eye pressure is a major risk factor for glaucoma. Although the pressure-lowering effect is temporary, using marijuana could help ease glaucoma symptoms and make patients more comfortable.

Other Conditions That Can Benefit From Marijuana

Medical marijuana has shown promise in alleviating various conditions, including:

  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder): Emerging research suggests that marijuana may be effective in helping patients cope with the symptoms of PTSD.
  • Glaucoma: Marijuana has demonstrated its efficacy in treating glaucoma, offering a potential natural remedy for eye-related issues.
  • Anxiety/Stress: The calming effects of marijuana make it a potential aid in managing anxiety and stres

Medical Marijuana Treatment Options

Individuals exploring medical marijuana have a range of options, including low-THC strains to mitigate moodaltering effects. Consumption methods vary, from smoking to alternatives like edibles, tinctures, pills, or oils, catering to diverse preferences.

How to Begin Medical Marijuana Treatment

To explore the potential benefits of medical marijuana for your eye condition, start by visiting our ophthalmologist. During your visit, our eye doctor will examine you to determine if your condition qualifies for medical marijuana treatment. If it does, they will discuss the treatment with you and provide a medical marijuana card. Afterward, you’ll visit a state-approved dispensary where you can discuss your goals and preferences with the staff, who will assist you in choosing the right product. It’s crucial to keep your proof of purchase and prescription to avoid potential legal issues. If you’re interested in medical marijuana treatment at any of our offices, reach out to Fishman and Sheridan Eye Care Specialists. Contact us today at (352) 360-2301.