At Fishman & Sheridan eyeCare Specialists, we provide individualized care to help you choose the optimal contact lenses for your needs. During an eye exam at our Leesburg, Clermont & Eustis practice, your doctor will test your eyes with various prescription strengths, and can also help you select contact lenses that are comfortable and fit your active lifestyle. If you are wearing contacts for the first time, we can also help your transition by providing instruction for maintenance and proper care.

Different Types of Contacts

We offer a variety of lenses to meet your vision and lifestyle needs, including:

  • Rigid gas permeable (RGP) Contacts: These lenses are made of relatively inflexible plastic that allows oxygen to pass through your eye. RGP contacts are typically the most durable type of contacts, and often provide the highest degree of vision correction. These contacts may require a longer adjustment period than soft lenses. RGP lenses are available in bifocal form, and can correct most common vision aberrations.
  • Soft lenses: Soft contacts are made of highly flexible plastic, and also allow oxygen to pass through your eye. New versions made of silicone-hydrogel allow an even greater amount of oxygen even to pass for optimal comfort. Although soft lenses do not provide the same degree of vision correction as RGPs, they are much easier to adjust to, and also stay in place more dependably. Soft lenses are often a good choice if you enjoy an active lifestyle. They are available in bifocal form.
  • Disposable (Replacement Schedule) Lenses: Disposable lenses are by far the most popular form of soft contacts, and are replaced on a set schedule. Some patients may choose lenses that are replaced every day, though most disposable lenses are replaced on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Disposable lenses require little maintenance, and can greatly reduce your risk for eye infection.
  • Extended wear contacts: You may wear these disposable lenses from seven to thirty consecutive days, including overnight. Although extended wear contacts are very convenient, they do increase the risk of an eye infection.
  • Colored lenses: If you want to change your eye color with contact lenses, you should never do so without the supervision and approval of your ophthalmologist. We offer a wide selection of colored contacts that allow you to alter your appearance safely.

We offer a variety of contacts, including soft lenses, disposable lenses, and extended wear lenses, to help our patients achieve optimal sight.

Benefits of Contact Lenses

There are a number of reasons for the increasing popularity of contact lenses. Of course, their cosmetic benefit is a distinct advantage. Like many patients, you may not want to change your appearance with eyeglasses. There are a number of other practical advantages too, such as:

  • Contacts cover your entire field of vision; your view will not be obscured by glasses frames.
  • Contacts do not become fogged up in humid weather.
  • Contacts make sports and other physical activities easier and more comfortable to enjoy.

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