Are you considering getting contact lenses but are unsure about the process? Don’t fret. This article tells you exactly what to expect during a contact lens fitting with Fishman & Sheridan Eyecare Specialists, your optometric team serving Lake County, FL, with locations in Leesburg, Eustis, and Clermont.

Why Is a Contact Lens Fitting Important?

If you are still hesitant about getting contact lenses, consider this: Most people are more likely to lose their eyeglasses than their contact lenses. Why? Because you’ll only take off your contact lenses once a day, and mostly at home.

Additionally, many people find contact lenses are more comfortable than eyeglasses and give their eyes a wider field of view. Also, contact lenses are not affected by weather conditions like fog or rain.

Steps in a Contact Lens Fitting

If you’ll be getting contact lenses this year, expect the contact lens fitting to involve the following steps:

  • An optometrist will advise you to choose the suitable contact lenses for you.
  • An optometrist will examine you, so expect a comprehensive eye test. For example, an eye doctor will examine you thoroughly before suggesting a pair of contact lenses.
  • Then the optometrist will determine a prescription for you.

Benefits of a Contact Lens Fitting

1. You Will Discuss Your Lens Preferences with Your Optometrist

An optometrist will discuss contact lens fitting with you. Your eye doctor will start off by asking you a series of questions, about your lifestyle, occupation, and so on. From there, your optometrist will figure out what kind of lenses are right for you.

2. An Optometrist Will Take Measurements

Measuring is the next step toward helping you get the right contact lenses. The optometrist will then assist you with the best fitting contact lenses for your needs.

Normally, an optometrist will do the following measurements:

  • They will measure your pupil and iris.
  • They will confirm the curve and diameter of your corneas.
  • They will check if your eyes have enough tears to keep your contacts moist.

3. Your Optometrist Will Instruct You on How to Put in Your Contact Lenses

Once your optometrist has helped you choose a suitable pair of contact lenses, the next step will be to show you how to put in those contact lenses. That’s not all; during this session, you will also find out how to care for your contact lenses.

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